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We offer
Many Services

When it comes to Website Hosting, Website Design & Development, Website Maintenance, SEO, Email Marketing, and Hourly Work Webzy Design can help you. Helping you with your project from start to finish, making it as easy as possible for you!

Website Assistance

From selecting templates, mobile responsiveness & implementing SEO.

SEO Optomization

SEO testing, adding 'alt' tags within images, and 'meta descriptions within all pages.

Securing Your Website

Applying updates as they come, implementing security features & monitoring daily.

Email Marketing

From Scheduling out emails to template designs for your emails. (Mailchimp & Constant Contact)


Tired Of Managing Your Updates? LETS US MANAGE THEM FOR YOU!

Worried about applying updates & your site going down? Maybe you forgot to create a backup & now things got a lot worse for you.

Updates can be complicating & frustrating at times. Webzy Design ``Fully Managed Hosting Package`` may come in handy, with these services included:

  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Weekly Backups
  • Implement Security Features
  • Add reCAPTCHA within all forms
  • Maintain WordPress Updates


Need Ideas??? We can help... LETS START DESIGNING!

So many things to take inconsideration when building a site.
Webzy Design is here to help guide the way...

Some features we help with when implementing & building your website:

  • Choosing a template design
  • Help purchase stock images
  • Newsletters/Blogs
  • Implement SEO / Optimize Images
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Set up products in WooCommerce


Secure Your Website Today... LOCK IT DOWN!

Need someone to manage your website once it's launched?
Haven't had anyone updating it in a very long time?

Webzy Design can help lock down your website & make sure everything is running smoothly. Some security features we have to secure your site are listed below:

  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Weekly Backups
  • Backend Updates
  • Create unique passwords for users
  • Add reCAPTCHA within forms


Small Task or Big Project??? DON'T WORRY, WE GOT YOU!

When it comes to project management Webzy Design can handle small tasks & big projects.

  • Create New Pages
  • Update Current pages
  • Maintain/Create Blogs & Newsletters
  • Create New Sections
  • Update/Create Sliders
  • Mobile testing / Responsiveness

We Can Style IT
Your Way!

When it comes to your styling & designing needs Webzy Design can assist with using your ideas or even help create some ideas for you. We can help style your website, business cards, flyers, email templates and pdfs! If you need further information, please reach out to


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